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 Michael has worked the land since, well, before he even left school. I spent many wonderful years being a mum, before going back to study animal health and then finally human health, becoming a naturopathic herbalist. I had the great pleasure of working beside Michael and learning from him how the land works and seeing, feeling nature up close.  We left farming some years back and our journey brought us to the 100 acre property we now have the pleasure to care for.

I have always been creative, whether it be through healing, cooking, sewing, silk painting, glass work, and now wearable art.  I have been blessed to be surrounded by amazing artists and other creative people, who have been beautiful mentors to me through my journey, and Michael has been by my side with support all the way.

I love the lessons and influence of the perfect imperfections you see in nature -  with its amazing shapes and colours, all to inspire you. 

Having come from the land we have learned you waste nothing and everything gets repurposed.  This gives amazing creative potential, and I love the history and stories you find when you come across something old to make new again. I guess I am like the Bower Bird, I love to find these beautiful things and take them home - they are useful of course.

So in cleaning up the old materials I acquire I don't necessarily take them to "perfection", I don't want to lose their story. These pieces are limited and they are certainly individual. But they will be pieces that carry their story, last for ever and become heirloom pieces.

I do also work with new metals and gemstones, they also have their own beauty and energies, waiting to create their own story, my love of creation going into those as well.

I hope you feel the love that has gone into our creations and enjoy wearing or using them. Keep watch as our site develops, as a birds bower, it will accumulate many interesting things.

We look forward to sharing with you and hearing your feed back.

Jewellery making
Artist at work
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